Warriors Path Part I is released!

Well met, everyone!

This is indeed a glorious day for battle and beer drinking, for you now what?


Make sure to get your copy at http://inverse.fi/store, if you live in the Northern Europe you can get it att http://www.ginza.se and http://www.cdon.se.

This is a day we in the band shall celebrate with ale and steel!

Fight with honour, die with pride, brothers and sister of metal! May your steel never falter in the face of the enemy.

/ Lars Sköldmark

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Rebuilding almost done!

Hello everyone!

Right now we are up and running with the website, which is nice! Now, some other news:

The 10th of October we will release our debut album ”Warriors Path Part I” through Inverse Records, a finnish record label.
It will be a eleven track album with epic songs, heavy songs, fast songs, pretty much everything a metal warrior would appreciate!

Also, if you haven’t, check out our Facebook page and like us!

Stayed tuned! Fight with honour, die with pride!

/ Lars Sköldmark

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