The Kingdom of Vallentor, year 1326 in the summer.

The once peaceful kingdom have come under attack by the wrathful beastmen of the east,
all united by the vile wizard Lord Agranoth, the lord of wizards and master of the flame.
The King of Vallentor, Gossric III Hammerhand, assembled his army and his knights to
march east to face the dreaded foe.

A lone warrior from the north comes to Vallentor seeking his fortune. Instead, he
receives a vision from the Goddess of life, Sherania. She tells him that the land
is in great peril and will fall if not aided by a valiant hero. She also tells him
to find the Sword of Heroes and the amulett Griffinheart. He accepts the quest to
follow the warriors path.

A lord who lives in the eastern part of Vallentor, Lord Ansgar Hawktalon, sees his
opportunity to take the crown from the old king. He betrays the crown and march to
face Gossric’s army.
When the two armies clash, Ansgar challenges Gossric to a duel. He accepts, but
Ansgar lost and fled with his army. He could not stand before the might of Gossric’s

Gossric and his army came to the plain of the white roses and before them, stood the
beastmen and all of its tribes. The beastmen charged with bloodlust and fury, Gossric
ordered the archers to lose their arrows. The volley felled many a beastman. The
infantery charged into battle and clashed steel with the foe, but suffers heavy
losses. The knights of the Realm and the King leads them charge into to battle. Many
beastmen could not stand before their charge and was either felled by the lance or
trampled down by warhorses. Alas, the foe was to many, Gossric fell from his horse
and died by a beastmans axe. The army of Vallentor sounded full retreat, moral was
low and hope began to fade.

News of Gossric’s death made Ansgar and his standing army march west to the Castle
of the fallen king.

The lone warrior, who faced many beastmen during his quest for the artifacts, also
began to think this is a lost cause. But when he wandered across the forest of Lareney,
he stumbled a across a blade, held by a skeletal hand. He heard a voice:
”You have found the Sword of Heroes! With it, you will vanquish the evil in this land
its people shall be free…”
It was Sherania, the Goddess of Life.

Bolster by her words, he grasped the sword and ventured forth to save this realm and
its people…