Calle Sundberg


Calle, an axe wielding warrior who joined the Heroes a while back, once strode the deserts
of Ossimar. The sun was red and the sky was black and he began to wonder why. He met some
travelers on the road that told him a powerful lich had cursed the land. Then Calle asked
for directions and the travelers said to the southwest there is a catacomb of a long dead
wizard. That must be the place the lich has risen.
Said and done, he travelled to the catacomb. He opened it and went down. Then he came to
a great hall, assailed by dozens and dozens of skeletons with old swords and axes. Calle
cut them down where they stood and when he felled the last one, the Lich appeared.
”Your death awaits, mortal!” the lich said. He began to cast a spell, but Calle simply
threw his axe towards the lich and cleaved him in twain. And thus, the curse was lifted.
He is truly a warrior worthy of the Heroes of Vallentor.

Date of birth: 1986, 9th June

Instrument & equipment: Esp Eclipse CTM1 & Gibson Flying V
Marshall amplifiers and Line6 POD HD500X

Favorite bands: Iron Maiden, Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne

Favorite movies: Braveheart, Step Brothers,
Dumb & Dumber, LoTR Movies and many more.

Favorite drink: Czech Beer

Favorite food: Asian food

Weapon of choice: Battle Axe

What I think is best in life: Beyond the hardships lies accomplishment.