Lars Sköldmark


Lars, one of the first to be counted among the Heroes, famed for his bravery
and skill with the blade.
Many years ago, he travelled to a village called Northwall, it was winter and
the snow went up to his knees. The people lived in fear of a icedragon who
dwelled atop of a giant oak, at least a mile high.
The people beseeched him to slay this dragon. Lars gave their village elder
a simple nod and ventured forth to the giant tree and began to climb it.
After hours of climbing, he reached the top. There was no dragon present.
Suddenly, he heard a loud roar and saw a hugh dragon made of ice. He drew
his sword and waited for the beast to come closer. The dragon landed infront
of him and Lars charged. The beast waved his tail against the warrior and he
was thrown away. He quickly stood up and swung his sword against it’s wing.
Ice cracked and blue blood splashed out from the wing, the beast roaring in
pain. The dragon attempted to bite the warrior with its razorsharp fangs. To
the dragons surprise, the warrior thrusted his sword in its maw, the beast
dying in an instant. Lars chopped of one of its horns and took it as a trophy.
He climbed down the giant tree, told them that the dragon is dead.
There was much rejoice.

Date of birth: 1987, 10th February

Instrument & equipment: Vocals and rhythm guitar.
Jackson Dinky made in U.S.A and a B.C Rich Warlock NJ series guitar,
ENGL 60w Fireball amp and a JTS PDM-3 microphone.

Favorite bands: Manowar, Candlemass, Paragon, Saxon.

Favorite movies: Shawshank Redemption, Green mile, Conan the Barbarian,

LOTR movies, Gladiator, 300.

Favorite drink: Sjätte Tunnans mead and Mariestads beer.

Favorite food: Beef tenderloin, wild boar… Meat!

Weapon of choice: Bastard Sword.

What I think is best in life: An open steppe, fleet horse, falcons on your wrists
and the wind in your hair!