Emil Ruthström-Sandin


Emil, a skilled drummer and a nice guy, prefer to face his foes with his fists and beat the
living crap out of them, rather than to use a sharp sword or a stout mace.
He was wandering through the mountain pass Antioch, where many minotaurs dwell, harrasing many
travelers and merchants. When the cliffs blotted out the sun, three minotaur lords appeared.
They threatened him to give up his treasures or his life. Without saying a word to these beasts,
he armed him self with gauntlets of steel and braced himself. The first minotaur swung his
mighty warhammer towards Emil, but he simply grasped his arm and snapped it, punched the minotaur
in the face and he fell. The second swung his battle axe and Emil dodged it, striking the beast’s
torso and broke a few ribs on him. The third, wielding a sword to great for a normal man to wield.
The battle between them continued a while, but when the beast lost his stamina, Emil simply
ripped off the horns of the minotaur and stabbed the beast in the heart with its own horn.
A warrior worthy of serving with the Heroes.

Date of birth: 1st of July 1992.

Intrument & equipment: Tama imperialstar drums and zildjian cymbals.

Favorite bands : Metallica, Acdc, Sabaton, Amaranthe.

Favorite movies: Jurassic park, Pearl harbor, me myself and irene, dumb and dumber, lord of the rings.

Favorite drinks: Pripps blå, Pommac, mojito.

Favorite food: PALT!

Weapon of choice: Fist of fury.

What i think is best in life: My girlfriend and my family and friends And my brothers in the band.